Sport and leisure, Hiking road in Poitou Charentes

    Circuits of walking
    It is an activity the same without sound to make you leave in the discovery of big areas. In the course of tracks meandering in the landscape, live an instant of harmony with nature.
4 in Poitou Charentes.
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Hiking road in Exireuil

Le Puits de l'Enfer

Mairie d'Exireuil 9 place de la Mairie, 79400 Exireuil 79400 Exireuil (Deux-Sèvres)
Phone : 05 49 76 16 03
The Well of Hell:

Famous for its legend (see below), the valley of the Well of Hell is an area of ecological interest which is a major biological interest because of the presence of rare ...
  • **Tourisme-Entrée enfant**
  • **Tourisme-Entrée**

Hiking road in Saint-Augustin


Office de Tourisme 1 rue de la Cure 17570 Saint-Augustin (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 05 53 56

Hiking road in Saint-Thomas-de-Conac

Le Haras centre de tourisme equestre

Mr Gérard Marot 9 impasse du haras 17150 Saint-Thomas-de-Conac (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 86 03 22  - Mobile phone : 07 86 50 43 39

Hiking road in La Flotte

Randonnée gourmande

Office de Tourisme de La Flotte quai de Sénac 17630 La Flotte (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 09 60 38
The Tourist Office of La Flotte offers a hike to discover the gastronomic heritage, fauna, flora and especially the local flavors and traditional know-how of the village of La Flotte en Ré. On the ...
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