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Inter-Hotel Continental
2 Boulevard Solferino
86000 Poitiers (Vienne )
39 комнаты от55.00 &евро;

Near the city centre of Poitiers, a Romanesque town with a rich historical heritage, the Inter-Hotel Continental offers comfortable and modern accommodation. The hotel, just 8 kilometres from Futuroscope welcomes you to a pleasant and calm area. Guestrooms are bright and cosy, soundproofed and equipped with modern en suite facilities. Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout the hotel and is free of charge. Inter-Hotel Continental is in partnership with a nearby restaurant and you will find parking facilities for cars and coaches near the hotel. This entirely non-smoking hotel is open 24 hours a day.

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  • Inter-Hotel Continental 2 Boulevard Solferino 86000 Poitiers начиная с 55.00 &евро;

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