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Chateau de Nieuil

M. BODINAUD Chateau de Nieuil 16270 Nieuil (Charente)
телефон : 05 45 71 36 38  - факс : 05 45 71 46 45
смотреть на сайте http://www.chateaunieuilhotel.com/ In the heart of the beautiful countryside of the Charente département, as you travel along a side road, the magnificent and haughty, château de Nieuil comes into view.

Beautiful Renaissance facades, fat round towers surrounding the main building, a water-filled moat, a formal garden – after just that first glance you will want to stay the night, for a weekend, or for even longer ! François I had the right idea – the Château de Nieuil was one of his favourite hunting residences.

Majestic trees, green lawns and a peaceful lake all add to the calm and peacefulness of the place. Would you like to come in? Please do!

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