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    To choose the camping, it is to be certain to share a moment close to the nature. You will have the choice between the tent for the most rash, the caravan for the accustomed and the bungalow or the mobil-home for those who wish more comfort. The charm of the camping, it is all above the meetings, the cheerfulness of the vacationers and all the good memories in the future.
19 in Poitou Charentes.
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picture of Camping du Parc
  • Low season of 12€ to 14.5€
  • High season of 13€ to 17.5€

Campings in Étaules

Camping du Parc

Guinot Thomas allée william jonka 17750 Étaules (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 36 96 51  - Mobile phone : 06 72 24 83 01
Situated half-way between Royan and the Ile d’Oléron you will receive a really warm welcome in this traditional, family camp-site. Enjoy the tranquility and peace of this natural haven amidst ...
picture of La garenne
  • Low season of 5.4€ to 11.2€
  • Average season of 5.9€ to 12.2€
  • High season of 8.35€ to 16.2€

Campings in Port-des-Barques

La garenne

Camping municipal Avenue de l' ile Madame 17730 Port-des-Barques (Charente-Maritime)
Phone : 05 46 84 80 66
Idéalement situé en bord de mer, face à l'ile Madame, le Camping Municipal de La Garenne vous accueille du 15/03 au 15/10 sur de vastes emplacements pour un séjour de détente.
Vous pourrez ...

Campings in Eymouthiers

Camping Gorges du Chambon

PETIT Jacques Le Chambon 16220 Eymouthiers (Charente)
Phone : 05 45 70 71 70  - Fax : 05 45 70 80 02
Living with Nature.
We don't look upon Nature as a consumer product, packaged and marketed and sterile.
You live with Nature here.
When you take a bit of time off to look, you can find all sorts ...
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