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Camping Gorges du Chambon

PETIT Jacques Le Chambon 16220 Eymouthiers (Charente)
Phone : 05 45 70 71 70  - Fax : 05 45 70 80 02
Open website Living with Nature.
We don't look upon Nature as a consumer product, packaged and marketed and sterile.
You live with Nature here.
When you take a bit of time off to look, you can find all sorts of discoveries every day.
Take a walk at your own pace and stop, look and listen to your surroundings.
Ride a bike along the footpaths and rediscover the pleasures of reaching the top of that hill then pausing to take in the view.
Take time off and make the most of your free time; take in the sounds and smells and colours of Nature all around you.
Follow the river downstream and watch the kingfishers and other wildlife at the water's edge.
Discover the tastes and smells, pick blackberries from the hedgerows and admire the perfumes of the wild flowers.
The National Park of the Péridord Limousin offers numerous visits and has many protected sites.
You can find a wide range of nature activities to do here.
It's now up to you to enjoy them.

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  • **TPictos-Agrément Etablissement Recevant du Public**
  • **TPictos-Agrément DDASS**
  • Fitness room
**GroupePictos-Séjours / stages**
  • **TPictos-Véhicule conseillé**
**GroupePictos-Loisirs à proximité**
  • veil
  • Mini Golf
  • **TPictos-Canoë**
  • climbing
  • Karting
  • **TPictos-Cinéma**
  • VTT
  • **TPictos-Randonnées**
  • Bowling
  • swim
  • Riding
  • **TPictos-Pêche**
  • Golf
**GroupePictos-Services proposés**
  • **TPictos-Forfait ménage**
  • shop
  • Shopfood
  • **TPictos-Poussette à disposition**
  • **TPictos-Location vélo**
  • linen rental
  • **TPictos-Ménage**
Leisure facilities
  • Playground
  • **TPictos-Salle de télévision**
  • Reading room
  • Billard
  • **TPictos-Etang de pêche**
  • field of bowls
  • Table tennis
  • Playground
  • paddling
**GroupePictos-Aménagements extérieurs**
  • **TPictos-Terrain clôturé**
  • **TPictos-Branchement électrique**
  • **TPictos-Branchement d'eaux usées**
  • Water connection
  • Terminals camper
  • swing
  • **TPictos-Piscine chauffée**
  • Playroom
  • garden
  • Barbecue
  • Garden furniture
  • terrace
  • Wifi
  • **TPictos-Accès Internet**
  • Fax
  • **TPictos-Téléphone**
  • **TPictos-Planche à repasser**
  • **TPictos-Sèche cheveux**
  • **TPictos-Fer à repasser**
  • **TPictos-Réfrigérateur**
  • **TPictos-Sèche-linge**
  • Washing machine
Payment Methods
  • Visa
  • transfer
  • Master-card
  • **TPictos-Espèces**
  • **TPictos-Chèque bancaire**
  • **TPictos-Carte de crédit**
  • **TPictos-Chèque Vacances**
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis
  • **TPictos-Salle de réunion**
  • **TPictos-Télévision**
  • Parking
  • **TPictos-Accès handicapé**
  • Bar
  • restoration
  • **TPictos-Hébergement**
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